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Drip Coffee, Bike Tune and Fried Egg Sandwich

Drip coffee, sometimes referred to as brewed coffee will always have a spot at the table. Drip coffee's lower concentration means that you can actually taste more of the coffee's flavour profile. Maybe you prefer the clean and citrusy flavors of the Central American bean? Maybe you like your coffee bean dry and tannic? On this day, heade to 49th Parallel on Main and enjoy their single-origin varietals, that are bright and lively on the palate, then go get your bike tuned. Let's get the bike checked Bicicletta Vancouver is super close to 49th Parallel and it's time to prep
Sustainable Commuting Vancouver

Sustainable Commuting in Vancouver

Yes, Vancouver is a progressive and environmentally conscious place to live. In 2011, the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan was unveiled as the communities effort to take control and undertake a long list of very do-able eco-friendly Initiatives. We anticipate the plan will reduce a carbon footprint that is three times larger than the region can support. On Trial The internal combustion engine, much like gluten, is being closely watched. We question if we need either one in our lives. Time will tell. The first successful combustion engine was created by Étienne Lenoir around 1859, and the first successful internal