Coffee & Art

Did You Order A Flat White?

Vancouverites demand high quality coffee from their cafes, & high end brunch options.

Now more than ever, the coffee scene in Vancouver is one to really take part in. The drip coffee is on the brink of extinction and if we believe anything Iggy Pop ever said, then let’s remember that in the  80’s, the winning combination was cigarettes and coffee.

Today, according to the Coffee Snob, ‘Vancouverites are demanding quality coffee from their cafes, they’re demanding high-end brunch options, they’re demanding stunning venues and most of all, they’re demanding top-notch service.”

If you agree, then this weekend take a short walk to Greenhorn Cafe, @ 994 Nicola St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2C8, at the corner of Nelson St.and Nicola. Enjoy your brunch and then make your way over to The Cinematheque on Howe, between Helmcken & Davie.

Please order:

  • A Flat White: 6oz Double Shot Topped With Lightly Steamed Milk
  • Tortilla Espanola: Served with Roasted Red Peppers, Salsa Verde, Bequette
  • Warm Brie Croissant: Served with homemade compote
  • Menu Links: Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch and Hot Drinks

More About Greenhorn Cafe:

  • Gourmet breakfast & lunch fare presented in a relaxed cafe setting with sidewalk seats.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Entrance, Vegetarian Options, Desert, High Chairs, Casual & Cozy

Have You Been To The Cinemateque Lately?

I Feel You: The Films of Lucrecia Martel JUNE 1-5, 8-10

With the seismic arrival of Zama on the festival circuit last year, Argentine auteur Lucrecia Martel (b. 1966) ended a long nine-year drought between pictures and upped her feature-film count to a lean four works over the past 16 years.

In truth, had each of Martel’s too-few films not been replete with sophistication, singularity, and radical new perspectives on the seventh art, it would be hard to fathom how such an oft-absent filmmaker could remain so relevant, so revered, so indispensable a figure in modern cinema, as Martel so clearly has.

DIRECTIONS | You will find our box-office, theatre and administration offices at 1131 Howe Street, between Helmcken and Davie Streets. Click on the map to find us on Google Maps.

About Lucia Martel according to Wikipedia.

Martel was born and raised in Salta, Argentina. One of seven brothers and sisters, she said at her home “there was a very deep devotion to storytelling.” Her father, mother, and maternal grandmother were “very good storytellers” and “would tell us lots of stories,” especially to keep the kids quiet in bed so the adults could sleep during the afternoon siesta. “I’m convinced that was the decisive factor in my taste for telling stories and listening to them, for the world of conversation.”

In the 80s, her dad bought a video camera to store memories of their large family. “A very big investment for us,” she began recording her family and friends and their conversations. “Though at the time I was unaware of it, I guess that this must have fascinated me,” she says of her formative years.