Drip coffee, sometimes referred to as brewed coffee will always have a spot at the table. Drip coffee’s lower concentration means that you can actually taste more of the coffee’s flavour profile. Maybe you prefer the clean and citrusy flavors of the Central American bean? Maybe you like your coffee bean dry and tannic? On this day, heade to 49th Parallel on Main and enjoy their single-origin varietals, that are bright and lively on the palate, then go get your bike tuned.

Let’s get the bike checked

Bicicletta Vancouver is super close to 49th Parallel and it’s time to prep our bike for winter. Tuning a bike is much like tuning an instrument. The bike mechanic must possess sound concrete technical skills, be meticulous and have a thorough approach, and have a high level of attention to detail.

Photo Courtesy Of Bicicletta Vancouver

Once A Year

Since 1984, Biccicletta has been growing their brand throughout the Vancouver road cycling community. Road and triathlon is their specialty at the Broadway location. The new West Vancouver location is also focused on serving the road, triathlon, and moutan biking community. It’s where you go for premium brands likes Cervelo, BMC, Bianchi, Ibis & Yeti. You can have the guys perform one of three services: The Basic, the Comprehensive and the Complete Overhaul. Yes, you should book a tune-up every year and yes you should also practice maintaining your bike throughout the year with these tips.

DYI Bike Maintenance Checklist

  • Keep it clean with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and an old toothbrush and a proper degreaser
  • Keep the tires inflated properly to avoid punctures and use a standing track pump with a pressure gauge
  • Replace worn brake pads. All you need is a set of Allen keys and some patience
  • Fix screeching brakes by clean away the dirt from the brakes and or wheel rims or adjust them
  • Twiddle the barrel adjuster by the brake lever or open up the brake nut and pulling the cable taught to tighten saggy brakes
  • Get a professional bike tune-up service once per year, ideally in the spring.
  • Lubricate any parts of your bike where metal touches metal. Clean the chain before you apply any oil.
  • Turn your bike upside and spin the wheel to see if your bike needs “truing”. Go to the bike shop.
  • Proper sight high is key. Get the saddle perfect. If y our knees hurt, your seat is too low. Your legs should almost be straight on the downward stroke.

Their There – Kits Cafe

According to the Coffee Snob, “the food is great.” and this is a coffee shop that you will want to go to for great drip coffee and the Buttermik Fried Chicken Sandwich with lettuce and jalapeno aioli. The bun is buttery, light and fluffy. We did ask if they can take a stab at creating a light and fluffy biscuit, but per my friend Any, Biscuits are not part of the Vancouver scene.


Lucy Kirby is responsible for the ever-changing pastry menu and can include some of the following: croissant, almond croissant, avocado croissant, corn tart, croque monsieur, dark chocolate cherry cronut, triple chocolate cookie, schmookie, vanilla cruller.

Limited edition items can include a lemon meringue croissant, matcha blueberry croissant, and a corn croissant

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