Vancouver is the top city in Canada for the arts. While all the major Canadian cities have their own interesting and unique local art scenes, Vancouver is the one that stands out on an international level. Go ahead and Imagine your Sunday morning is filled with the whirr of espresso machines and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. You find yourself in lively banter with friends about the #vancouverartscene, then you discover that Art Beatus showcases contemporary art with a focus on works by Asian artists.

Ever since the late 20th century, Asian contemporary art has been playing an ever-increasing role in global art and cultural hybridity. Art Beatus Gallery strives to serve and fulfill this expanding interest of art lovers”

Melancholia Dreamland – Paintings by Simone Guo – May 4 – June 29, 2018

Simone Guo describes this series of acrylic paintings and mixed media as “hovering between landscape and lyrical abstraction”. The artist does not paint these works from real life but rather she “paints landscape as a concept.”

Simone Gao – Melacholie Dreamland – 2018
Simone Gao – Melancholia Dreamland – 2018

Up Coming

Summer Group Exhibition – July 6th – August 24th, 2018

Past – Junichiro Iwase

Junichiro Iwase – Cracked Up – 2007
Junichiro Iwase – MU, Beyond Quality – 2017

Junichiro Iwase is a Canadian Artist born in Tokyo, Japan in 1971. He immigrated to Richmond, B.C. with his family in 1972  where he stayed until graduating high school. After high school, he moved to Vancouver to study in the Fine Arts program at Vancouver Community College.

In 1992 he accepted a five-year apprenticeship at the Johnson Atelier Institute of Sculpture in Trenton, New Jersey.  During his time there he worked under many prolific sculptors including George Segal, Marisol Escobar, Joel Shapiro, and Claes Oldenburg.

Today Iwase resides in Richmond with his family but presents his explorations of form internationally online and in exhibitions around the world.

Add To Your Calendar: Contemporary Art Gallery Family Day

Andrew Bartlee Ballet Vancouver Contemporary Art Museum
Photo Courtesy Ballet BC

Line, Rhythm, Colour – Dance and Performance by Andrew Bartee – July 28th, 12-2pm 

Join ballet BC Artist in Residence Andrew Bartee for a free afternoon of dance and performance inspired by the rhythm and pattern found in the works of contemporary artist Channa Horwitz.

In 2014 he joined Ballet BC as a full-time company member and he continues to work with them as an artist in residence, you can check out some of his work here.




Channa Horwitz – Progressions and Rhythms in Eight – July 13th – September 26th, 2018

Channa Horowitz  – Moire 8 Different Angels # 4 – 1983

About Channa Horwitz according to Wikipedia.

Horwitz was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She didn’t study art until her twenties and completed her first painting course in the early 1960’s as a mother of two. Her contemporary art career lasted five decades, creating a body of work that is uniquely complex focusing on logically driven and often repetitive linear compositions.

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