The best part of stepping into your favorite coffee shop is mixing and mingling with the wide variety of personalities. What really makes a coffee shop a “good” coffee shop? Is it the quality of the coffee or is it more about the conversation and atmosphere amongst the patrons?

Before you head out for your next double espresso, take a quick look at this helpful personality chart based on your coffee choice. The chart will help you differentiate one coffee fiend from the next. By the way, Espresso drinkers are natural born leaders.

Step into the Honolulu Coffee Shop at 888 Nelson Street and you will find a healthy mix of people. Yes, there is “The Freelancer,”  “The Business Type,” “The Time Killer”, and the “The Coffee Instagrammer.”

Since 1992, Kona has been roasting and brewing the finest coffees in the world, sourcing from their very own coffee farm. Perfect!! The Farm-to-cup story fits right into the great Vancouver food scene. Vancouverites are open minded to trying new things and truly appreciate the differences of specialty coffee from around the world.  On a side note, double espresso drinkers are people who believe in logic. True!

Go to Honolulu Coffee and order:

  • Kona white bbq turkey sandwich and a Hawaiian latte.
  • Gibraltar: 2 shots of espresso with some milk; served on a wooden board with a side of the sparkling water and three chocolate coffee beans.
  • Lilikoi Macadamia scone: Passionfruit scone, slightly sweet, with pieces of macadamia nuts.

Honolulu Coffee Hand Pour
Honolulu Coffee Breakfast 888 Nelson Street


More About Honolulu Coffee

  • Take Away Yes
  • Accepted Cards Credit, Debit
  • Parking Validated
  • Bike Parking Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible Yes
  • Outdoor Seating Yes
  • Wi-Fi Free
  • Good for Working Yes

Learn More About Your Coffee

Kona Coffee is also known as “Coffee Arabica” is an internationally high rated coffee that grows in only two locations on Hawaii’s Big Island. What makes it unique? Aside from its relative rarity, it grows in near perfect conditions along the volcanic slopes, enjoying enriched soil and a perfect blend of shade and natural cloud cover. The elevation of approximately 3000 feet develops the signature mild taste of Kona coffee and the belt in which it grows maintains a very consistent temperature of around 70 F, everything coffee needs to flourish while growing.




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