Living In Davie Village

Davie Village is a part of the larger West End neighbourhood , and is very much a community of its own. This rainbow and sunburst splashed neighbourhood is known for it’s thriving gay and lesbian community. The main drag, Davie Street is filled with interesting personalities, independent shops, like the famous LGBT bookshop, Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium and known for being a diverse, and welcoming community with plenty of hidden treasures found on and off the Davie Street.

During the day and you’ll find a relaxed vibe, access to a wide variety of tasty food, plenty of shopping and great people-watching. Come at night and you’ll find the streets come alive with music and people enjoying the cities hottest nightlife.

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Explore Davie Village

The Jim Deva Plaza

Just like the rest of Vancouver, the Village is very walkable and we recommend you begin at Thurlow and Davie and begin heading west towards the West End. At the corner of Bute and Davie, you will find The Jim Deva Plaza, Vancouver’s first ‘pavement-to-plaza’ public space. The plaza was imagined as a place for people to come together in the heart of Davie Village and connect.

jim Deva Plaza Megaphone

Night Life

Do you want to go to a pub or a lounge? What is the difference, well let’s do both. The Fountainhead Pub has 15 beers on tap and there is always a daily special and fairly priced drinks. Your next stop will be 1181 Lounge for friendly service, weekly drag shows, imaginative cocktails and dance music.

Places To Eat In Davie Village

High-end and fancy dining is replaced with diverse independent cafes and lively pubs. Just because the fair is local doesn’t mean that it’s not eclectic, you have your choice of international food options thanks to the areas diverse local culture. Enjoy Greek, Japanese, Malaysian or classic American comfort food.

The Capital Davie Village Restaurant

Davie Village Restaurants

La Churreria

When you visit Davie Village, you have to check out the food and drinks at La Churreria over on Davie St., the area’s namesake. A hot and fresh Churro and a Mexican Style Coffee is a popular pairing that pairs perfectly with the casual vibe of the area and is a great snack to grab for a morning of exploring.

The Banana Leaf

The Banana Leaf will take you right out of the city and into Malaysia with their authentic cuisine and presentation. To get the full experience try the seven or eleven-course tasting menu and share it with friends or family as Malaysian cuisine is traditionally enjoyed.

History of Davie Village

Davie Village has one of the most interesting and important histories in the entire city of Vancouver. While it wasn’t until the 1970’s that Davie Village was ‘out’ as the heart of Vancouver’s LGBT+ community, it’s been serving as the hub for queer communities since at least the 1940s.

Gay History Davie Village Vancouver

There are several LGBT+ communities and businesses in the history of Davie’s Village that helped make it into what it is today, including the Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium, the Gay Press, and the community centre. A gay nightlife began to flourish thanks to the opening of some LGBT+ nightclubs and the 24-hour Fresno Inn.

History of Davie Village

It’s a history you can still experience today, with many of the businesses still in their original locations, and it’s one well worth checking out. Visiting Davie Village is guaranteed to be a unique cultural experience.