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We recommend the Americano, and the Tracks Egg Sandwich

Off The Tracks Contemporary espresso bar and bistro | All-day breakfast | Everything made in house | Granville Island, BC

Granville Island Coffee Off The TracksPhoto Courtesy of Off The Tracks

Embracing environmentally sustainable business practices, benefits everyone! The guys at Off The Tracks Cafe support sustainable agriculture and organic living. They source their coffee from a local specialty direct trade roaster and deliver a breakfast sourced from locally-grown and raised produce and protein.

Why visit? 
Located in Granville Island, Vancouver’s premier arts and culture hub. Off The Tracks aims to showcase the best local talent, and succeeds with their team of inhouse baristas and kitchen staff that make everything on the menu from scratch.

  • The baristas are carefully trained on a Synesso espresso machine, a top quality espresso hand made in Seattle.
  • Enjoy All Day Breakfast with more than seven options, there’s something for everyone, including Vegan and gluten-free options.
  • They offer a fresh daily soup available in two sizes, bowl or cup.
  • Enjoy it all from the comfort of their cozy open loft seating.

Why do we drink Americanos? 

Americano is a popular type of coffee drink made by combining a shot or two of espresso with hot water to make a cup of coffee. The process of brewing espresso creates crema, which rises to the top when you pour over, unlike with drip coffee which has a flat finish and takes a much longer time to brew.

It has become a standard for coffee lovers all over North America, as well as those in Australia and New Zealand.

There is a popular, unconfirmed, belief that the drink originated during World War II when American soldiers stationed in Italy would dilute their espresso with hot water to make the coffee closer to what they were accustomed.

Variations include:

  • An Americano is known in Australasian countries as a Long Black.
  • To make an Iced americano combine espresso with cold water instead of the usual hot.
  • A lungo is made by extracting an espresso shot over a longer duration which not only gives it more volume, but also introduces some bitter flavour.
  • A caffè crema is made by extracting an espresso shot over an even longer period than you would to make a lungo.
  • A red eye also known as a shot in the dark, is made by combining espresso with drip coffee instead of hot water.

Curious what your favorite coffee drink says about you? Check out this fun personality quiz!

Benefits of eating locally sourced food made from scratch:

It’s Good For The Environment

Locally sourced food is better for the environment in a number of ways, for example, local food does not need to be transported long distances which cuts down on vehicle and related pollution. Additionally, eating locally means eating seasonally, which is a more sustainable way to grow food and consume food.

Supports Your Local Economy In A Big Way

When you support sustainable business you are not just supporting the businesses you visit, but their local supply chain of farmers, truck drivers, delivery people.

You’re Getting The Freshest Food Possible

When you are eating locally, you’re getting the freshest and likely the highest quality food possible, why? Food isn’t travelling for long periods, which spares it from a lot of unfavorable conditions and the time on the road. A short travel distance means that produce is more likely to have been harvested at the optimal time, which produces better flavour and size.

Sustainable restaurants we recommend in YVR:


2183 W. 4th Ave.

What makes them great?

Bishops is a perfect date night restaurant. Everything on their menu is made with fresh local ingredient and served in their cozy intimate setting. Great atmosphere.

The Refinery
1115 Granville St.

What makes them great?

The Refinery is a great place to go if your looking to try some amazing original Cocktails and Innovative Desserts like the Dark Chocolate Brownie with Sangria Ice Cream.

1300 Robson St., Listel Hotel

What makes them great?

Forage offers a unique menu comprised of a diverse list of rotating seasonal ingredients. Brunch is the customer favorite if you’re planning a visit.

Tuc Craft Cafe
60 W Cordova St.

What makes them great?
They offer a menu is full of delicious farm to table options and inventive cocktails. It’s not just the food that leaves you feeling good at Tuc Craft, they also participate in the Mealshare program which provides food for youth in need through local charities.

The Fish Counter

3825 Main Street

What makes them great?
Wonderfully prepared assortment of fresh seafood, regulars recommend the clam chowder. casual dining experience, outdoor seating.

Why We Believe in Sustainable Practices Small actions can have a large impact, and that’s exactly what happens when businesses practice sustainability. It inspires others to examine what they are doing and how it could be better, it saves the environment, supports other local business or individuals, and improves the community.