Yes, Vancouver is a progressive and environmentally conscious place to live. In 2011, the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan was unveiled as the communities effort to take control and undertake a long list of very do-able eco-friendly Initiatives. We anticipate the plan will reduce a carbon footprint that is three times larger than the region can support.

On Trial

The internal combustion engine, much like gluten, is being closely watched. We question if we need either one in our lives. Time will tell. The first successful combustion engine was created by Étienne Lenoir around 1859, and the first successful internal combustion engine was built in 1876 by Nikolaus Otto. What is next? Will we see a new fleet of “more efficient” internal combustion engines or something else?

Current State

Most of us are using 200-year-old technology to move about the city, while at the same time working diligently to reduce our individual carbon footprint. The town people are keen to continuously improve. It’s the right time for the Smart Mobility Movement to take flight in Vancouver. First, let’s review the roadmap laid out by the Vancouver City Council.

Inside Vancouver’s’ Greenest City Action Plan

  • Green Economy: double the number of green jobs and businesses with green operations
  • Climate Leadership: require all new buildings built after 2020 to be carbon neutral
  • Green buildings: reduce CO2 emissions in existing buildings by 20% over 2007 levels
  • Green transportation: reduce driving and make the majority of trips by foot, bicycle, and public transit traffic
  • Zero waste: reduce solid waste going to landfills to 50% of 2008 levels
  • Access to nature: increase accessibility of green parks, greenways, and other green space, so that all Vancouver residents live within 5 minutes of these spaces
  • Lighter footprint: reduce Vancouver’s ecological footprint by 33% over 2006 levels
  • Clean water: increase water quality and reduce water consumption per capita by 33% from 2006 levels
  • Clean air: increase air quality, measured against Metro Vancouver and World Health Organization guidelines
  • Local food: increase amount of locally grown food

Join The Smart Mobility Revolution

The underlying fabric of the Smart Mobility Movement is to create stronger bonds amongst community members. Durable relationships that encourage people to form livable, sustainable, and inclusive communities.

We want to see you on a scooter. Currently Loop is offering electric scooter sharing and soon there will be #limebike  and maybe #bird . Follow and learn as the leaders of the #smartmobilitymovement  build the worlds most versatile, mobility fleet.


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