Upcycling is part of the conversation in modern Vancouver. Being a fine steward of the land is definitely a characteristic of the Vancouver community. How does a community that is already carrying the torch for sustainability, improve? Let’s talk about the Upcycling Movement happening in around the city. Some of our neighbors have found their niche, like Salvage Vancouver who is reclaiming Vancouver’s history one plank at a time.

To reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

Inside The Upcycle Movement

Upcycle Vancouver is a collaborative community project dedicated to building demand for reclaimed materials by breaking down the misconception surrounding their use o while portraying the power in upcycling. You too can join the #upcycling movement

Free Geek Upcycling Vancouver
Photographer Credit: Justin Morrison Photography

Computer Parts Reuse

Vancouver recycling centers only break down electronics down into components. Free Geek can take it a step further by refurbishing computers and electronics and provide them at no cost to non-profits, schools, community groups, and their volunteers.  

Find your niche: 

You can continue to live a rich and sustainable lifestyle while supporting members of our community who are removing items from the waste stream, who then re-purpose and design new things in a more sustainable way. Less mess!  Upcycle your clothes #upcyclingclothes  and #upcyclingfashion or your furniture #upcyclingfurniture. Less mess!


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